It’s About the End that Keeps on Coming

Through constructions in drawing, I make sense of personal memories, search for significance then work on a resolve. I began by collecting thoughts that led to a general imagery- a terrain of fallen objects, which reconstructed the composition of the ground of all affected territories. I drew in blue to connect to the imagery of the blue print to better express mapping out the new surface. Later on I realized that the obsolescence of this type of printing matches that of the infrastructure and existing systems that elevated the catastrophe.

Next is to articulate mud as element, the mythical ether or quintessence that binds all despite differences during the aftermath. Dark color projecting the image of mud also represents the possibilities of form it can embody. It is both the line and shade seeping in all directions. It is liquid and solid, background and foreground, expressive gesture and representational detail. There is energy from the ground and at that point of contact with it there are various personal undertakings in meaning taking place.

Framing into particular scenes presents images as part of a story. This point of view provides a door out from an overwhelming entirety. Understanding that each frame is a part of a sequence of events helps us get a grasp of how everything transpired. I sourced from book imagery as a device for framing. 16- 21 in the drawings appear to be chapters, pages, or simply demarcations of ideas from notes. It actually originated from the water levels of the Marikina River. The text as titles, expressive utterance or collected thoughts is part of containing a scene or scenes as it names or categorizes what seems boundless. Sometimes a scenario is so massive that it doesn’t immediately relate to its origin or aftermath, it is simply now.

After more devastating floods followed, these reflections in drawing take another form of use, that of a measure for preparation, a manual of mental and personal expectations beyond the literal.  Floods that keep on happening way before our lives and probably much worse than we know, remind us of many timeless themes that goes along with it. Life, faith, bravery, resilience, sacrifice, heroics, community, rebirth, learning and discovery are just a few of the values we can see of profound beauty during or after a disaster.

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