Setting the Stage to Further My Narratives


"Eden Sprouting" 122 cm x 153 cm_ oil on canvas


   "Spring Bait" 122 cm x 153 cm_ oil on canvas

"Living Apparatus" 122 cm x 153 cm_ oil on canvas

"Cottonmouth Inside" 122 cm x 153 cm_ oil on canvas

She continually works on the subject of aggressive decoration and, the accumulation of objects of desire that she relates to meanings of establishing homes while in states of transition. She furthers her construction and process by first deciding to see her composition in the point of view of a production set, as a progression from a flat picture approach. This take off relates well to the environment making capabilities of 3D graphics. She then brings it back to the painting field because “the path ending with the best details always lead to painting”. What she meant was that even in modeling in 3d animation, you have to texture everything through digital painting. In citing the parallel in finishing processes, she shifts layers from 3D to hands on painterly with actual materials.

The visible developments in her current works involves installation views from a constructed scene where the artist can rotate all elements within a 3D environment. We can also notice her exploration of layers of 3D texturing in Maya to painterly translation of images, material handling and expressive gesturing. At this stage, she is working on the raw quality of imagery created from basic default settings of 3D modeling, rendered with an equivalent rawness of handling oil on canvas.

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