Frangible Armor Piercing...

Frangible Armor Piercing Bullet inside a Single Round Bolt Action Bull Barrel  

The work began with two premises: an attempt to produce a construction that would be in context to the tunnel-like gallery space below a performance-stage café and, draw inspiration from a nursery mobile.

I built an explosion scenario composed of arrows tipped with painting tools installed around a center of light. This composition responded to the gun barrel- like space and loud sound situation of the gallery and, is also in context to the structure of nursery mobile. The use of arrow is based on a Biblical passage, which parallels children to arrows in a quiver.

This basic explosion scene was extended through adding components of other media. Text meant as positive instructions were written with white fluorescent ink on the white wall of the long side of the space. It is readable only as you pass through the narrow path that was provided for passage. A wall size painting of warping imagery is on one of the short sides to extend perception through the blocking white wall on this side. On the opposite side of the painting, a video loop is played, fore grounding a glass panel showing the streets. The video loop is composed of alternating scenes of arrows being fired and, footages wherein a child/character from the Kubrick’s the Shining is moving forward. The real arrows in the installation are leading to continue to another plane of space provided by the video.

Through this construction I personally dealt with how the meaning of art for me cant just be aimless or pretentious in relation to how having a concern for my child can intersect my concerns for the future in general. During this time I was reminded of how the avant-garde has aimed for art to bring society to a better life.

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