Jay Ticar

Cities over the years

Manila, Tokyo, Bandung, Toronto, Vancouver (current)


2006 Master of Fine Arts Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Research Student, Tama Art University, Tokyo
1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines

Selected Awards

2007-2008        Asian Public Intellectual Fellowships (by the Nippon Foundation)
2006 and 2007  Ateneo Art Awards Final 12
2004                 Beppu Biennale of Asian Art, Finalist
2003-2006        Monbukagakusho Scholarship (Research program)
2001                 Philip Morris Art Awards, Finalist

Selected Exhibitions

2015 Bursting Bubbles Have No Roots, Deutsche Bank Art Project, Manila, S
          Art Fair Philippines, Tin Aw Gallery, Manila
         Surrounded by Water anniversary show, The Last Dog Show, Finale Art File, Manila
         Content May Vary, Tin Aw Gallery, Manila
         Pop+Art, Artery, Manila
2014 Art Fair Philippines, through Richard Koh Fine Arts, Manila, S
         It’s About the End that Keeps on Coming, West Gallery, Manila, S
         The Heist Conference, NOVA Art Gallery, Manila,
         What does it all matter, as long as the wounds fit the arrows?”, CCP, Manila
         Imaging Philippine Flora 1877 –Present, Metropolitan Museum, Manila
2013 Postlocal, Silverlens, Manila
         Art Stage, Singapore, Richard Koh Fine Arts
         ME. NA. SA. ART, Beirut Art Fair, Richard Koh Fine Arts
2012 The Dream House is a Constantly Unfolding Picture, RK Fine Arts, Singapore, S
2011 New Address, New Works Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo
         Complete and Unabridged II, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
2010 Batanes Blank Book Archive Project, Batanes, S
         Oras Pang Pamilya(Family Time), Jakarta Art District, Langgeng Art Gallery, D  
2009 Making Home, Manila Contemporary, Willy Valentine Fine Arts Manila, D
          Revisiting the Last Supper, CG Arts, Jakarta
2008 Fact That Cracks, Langgeng Icon, Jakarta, S
         First Time, The Drawing Room, Manila, S
          Space/Spacing, Semarang Gallery, Indonesia
         Them, West Gallery, Manila
2007 Project: Hasa, Cultural Center of the Philippines
        Frangible Armor Piercing Inside a Single Round Bolt Action Bull Barrel, Mag:net, S                 
         Gambatte Kudasai, Hiraya Gallery, Manila, D
         Ateneo Art Awards, Global/Vernacular, Manila
        Art Singapore, through The Drawing Room
        Outside The White Cube, The Ayala Museum, Manila
2006 Planks in Your Eyes, The Vargas Museum, University of the Philippine Diliman, Manila, S
         Appariton, Mag:net Gallery, Quezon City, Manila, S
          Common Grounds and Incompatibilities, GT Towers, Manila, D
          Zero In, Flora: Beauty, Desire and Death, Ateneo Art Gallery, Manila
         Ateneo Art Awards, Outbound and Inbound, Manila
         Painting in Progress, Mag:net Gallery, Manila
2005 Clouds of Swirling Arrows, Finale Art Gallery, Manila, S
         Pressure Points, Mag:net Gallery, Quezon City, Manila, S
         Open Pages, Loose leaves, Tama Art University, Kaiga Kitato Gallery, Tokyo, S
         Electric Kite Experiment, Tama Art University, Sculpture Department Gallery Tokyo, S                      
          6 Days 6 Words, Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
         Orient 2005, Embassy of Laos in Japan, Tokyo
2004 A Table Set for my Enemies, Mag:net Gallery, Quezon City, Manila, D
         The Sedimentation of the Mind is a Jumbled Museum, The Vargas Museum, Manila
         Orient 2004, The ASEAN Centre, Ginza Tokyo
2002 The Amusing Muse, The Vargas Museum, Manil
2001 Two Cities, Surrounded By Water Art Gallery, Manila, D
         The Philip Morris Art Awards, Metropolitan Museum, Manila
2000 Engines of Creation Engines of Destruction, Big Sky Mind, Manila
1999 Jay Walking, The Ayala Museum, Manila, S
         Achoo, Finale Art Gallery, Manila, S
         Topology of Signs, The Cultural Center of the Philippines
1998 Contemplative Journey, Casa San Miguel, Zambales Philippines
1997 Reviving Oil, The Vargas Museum, Manila
1996 Dangerous Metaphors, The Art Center through The Finale Art Gallery
1995 Painting by Numbers, Cultural Center of the Philippines

S is solo D is duo

Residencies and Affiliations

2010 Building a Better Asia Leadership Retreat, Bangkok Thailand
2009-2010 Asian Public Intellectual Regional Project Philippine Site
2008 Selasar Sunaryo Artspace, Bandung, Indonesia
         Sanggar Luhur, Bandung Indonesia
2007 Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
         Sophia University, Institute of Comparative Culture, Tokyo
1998 Casa San Miguel, Zambales, Philippines

Selected Work Experiences

2006 -2010 Professorial Lecturer in Fine Arts, Kalayaan College, Metro Manila   
2006 Instructor III in Fine Arts, Ateneo De Manila University, Metro Manila
2002 -2003 Instructor I in Humanities, University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna
1997-2002 Visual Merchandising Artist (Managing level) at various companies

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  1. Michelle Rollenas michellerollenas@yahoo.comJuly 5, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    Hello Jay and Amy! Amy, I am part of team that is creating a non-profit website, currently entitled "Women Artists of The World". We are based out of New York. The website is being made to showcase female artists of all types, ultimately resulting in more international exposure for all. We are sending the invitations with more information in a couple weeks and I was wondering if are willing to give an email address by which we could contact you?

    Michelle Rollenas