Jay Ticar

Jay Ticar’s current visual art practices involve painting, participation-based installation, art education and research, pursued respectively yet found most of time to be in natural connection to each other.

In his paintings, he articulates and forms imagery based on his dealings with conceptual constructs that begins with a definite subject. His tendency to seek possibilities is akin to abstraction but his elements involve both representational and pure forms. Each of these elements is free to portray varying significations ranging from expressive gestures, decoration or symbols. Allowing shifts of role to happen for a single element and pushing each to discover possibilities, leads him to places indeterminate of his take off. His recent subject involves a Filipino cultural phenomena in dream house building related to general ideas pertaining to immigration in Canada, through the scope of his own family experiences.

His recent installation work is a participation-based project involving the culture of an indigenous  community facing modernization. His project responds by attempting to collect freely given cultural knowledge from the community. He constructed a library-like/multi purpose facility set in everyday context, placing 900 volumes of blank books in a public place free for anybody to write, doodle or record anything. The installation intends to form in time a future source of cultural records and to instill an image portraying everyday people as legitimate sources of knowledge.

The concerns of his current research includes relating artistic and cultural meaning from the immigration of sound, installation with immigrant audience participation, and the use of sound as a medium to connect face-to-face social engagements to virtual social networks. 

Jay Ticar formally taught studio and theory related subjects required for basic appreciation and art making. He also pursues other avenues to contribute to knowledge and pedagogy including through his works and discussion with peers. A basic thrust in his idea of art education geared towards developing active audiences of art,  is that of presenting his students consciousness of elements and factors at play that serve as choices they can activate for whatever use they see fit.

Jay Ticar’s practice in visual art began in Manila where he initially trained as a painter and did most of his earlier exhibitions. He was bestowed a Monbukagakusho scholarship leading him to stay in Tokyo for 4 years and also the accomplishment of his MFA. He was again awarded a research fellowship that allowed him to continue in Tokyo and in addition, live and work in Indonesia. Now he is based in Toronto as a permanent resident but continues his connection in the countries where he lived.

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